Berkeley Public Library Foundation

Berkeley Public Library Foundation

Why Libraries Matter

A safe haven for connection, mastery, tool lending, and more.

Libraries are where we connect. They connect us to each other, our community, and the world.

No books, no life. Know books, know life.


Like Saul Zaentz, we understand that the better the public library, the stronger the community. That’s one reason that the BPLF board voted to establish the Generation Fund. Gifts to this new designated fund will support the mission of the Berkeley Public Library Foundation and assure fiscal stability. Designed and invested to grow over time, this fund is for those who wish to make donations that will provide essential support and growth for the library’s future.

Stories inspire individuals to discover and enrich themselves based on their own journey. Take Bay area theatre veteran, Joy Carlin, and award winning playwright Anne Washburn as examples of how their community library shaped their creative and professional paths–


Today there are over 1.3 million visits to Berkeley’s Central and branch libraries. People of all ages go to enjoy books and media, get help learning to read, develop job skills, and much, much more.

The library offers a hand to small businesses, provides help at tax time, and lends tools to build and improve Berkeley.

Libraries are community hubs for information, technology, cultural exploration, and community building.  Art, music, film, and craft events are part of the many programs offered.  Authors come to meet and speak with readers. Science, math, and engineering programs are also becoming part of a new wave of daily operations.

Stories can inspire us so greatly, that individuals like Saul Zaentz were moved to create timeless work, all because of his love for the library and books.

Libraries make a community. And a community makes a library. Thanks to a community that cares we have one of the best right here in Berkeley.

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